Young Actors should make it early in their careerOlumide Oworu

Olumide Oworu

Olumide Oworu, a multiple award-winning actor, who has played various roles in the entertainment ecosystem as a model, voice over and a budding musician. He started acting when he was 6 years old on EveryDay People but he is currently on the set of The Johnsons on Africa Magic.  Our reporter, had a chat with the young man who has spent 18 years in the entertainment industry, excerpts below-

PDC: What’s your Academic Journey?

Lumi D: I was lucky enough to have balanced both- 3 primary schools; 2 Secondary schools and 2 universities. I have a degree in Mass Communications from Babcock University. I do freelance Advertising, I do that on project basis- brainstorming, Campaign Direction or Content Development.

PDC: What is the experience on the set of The Johnsons currently showing on Africa Magic?

Lumi D: Initially I had no idea that the show will be as big as that, I just felt we will be on a show. We have the opportunity not to only entertain but to also pass across a message with every episode. We are getting amazing feedback from the family saying watching the show has brought them closer, that is more rewarding that any financial compensation.

PDC: How have you been able to manage and merge your personal life and your character on TV?

Lumi D: I try to be as natural as possible in both, I don’t really have pressure to conform from anywhere. I try to ensure that I am happy and comfortable. I try to still separate both parts – if its work, its work; if it’s my personal life, it’s my life. I have a divide, so that people don’t feel it’s intertwined.

PDC: As you said, you have been in the industry for 18 years, what are the next big things that you look forward to in the entertainment industry?

Lumi D: I look forward to a point where younger individuals can have more opportunities to showcase their talents and get proper financial remuneration; it is said that you have to pay your dues for certain amount of years before you can start to see the financial benefits of the amount of work you put into it. I am looking forward to a time when people can make it early in their career and not until they get into their 40s.

Olumide with other cast in The Johnsons

PDC: What are your ways of equipping youngsters to move up the career leader?

Lumi D: You cannot influence decisions outside, the plan is to get to a point when I can influence decisions along those line or when I have my own productions, where I can implement the ideas that I have and that would spread across the industry.

PDC: Can you remember some of the roles you have played over time?

Lumi D: Some of the ones people will know are right off the block- Tari on the set of The Johnsons; Weki in MTV Base Shuga; Edwin the movie A Soldier’s Story are at the top of the characters I have played so far.

PDC: What do you want to tell upcoming actors?

Lumi D: It is not as easy as it looks; it’s not as glamorous as it looks; it’s a lot of hard work, you will sacrifice a lot of your personal time. You should also not expect immediate peck that comes alongside the job but slow and steady, we will get to the zenith of life.

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