Write Down The Vision

And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. Hab. 2:2

A little charge for this week-

1. You need to document many of your positive, important thoughts and great inspirations. When you revisit you will know the ones you have achieved and the ones yet undone.

2. There is an appointed time for the manifestation of the vision that you are receiving now, you might be in a haste for its fulfillment, but it will come to pass at God’s appointed time.

3. You have a lot of places where you can write down these thoughts. So imagine, the KJV version of the Bible says upon tables- you can do it on tablets, phones, laptops, notebooks, email drafts, sticky pads, etc.

4. It is what is written that another generation can carry on with. So, when you ask Entrepreneurs about the story of their businesses, many times they think you want to understand their business secrets. As such, their businesses depend solely on such individuals, and in fact, these don’t survive after them.

5. When you look at the hymns, you will note that somebody wrote the wordings and another person would work on the lyrics. This implies that every written document authored by someone can be a work in progress for another person that will eventually complete it. That is why it is easy to have books published in an author’s name posthumously.

6. Visions just like written documents can be shared with others and this can motivate others to succeed in their various endeavours. This is what many companies make their visions, missions, and core values visible for their members of staff to internalize.

7. Do not make the content have esoteric interpretation, make it KISS- Keep It Simple and Succinct!

8. Be careful not to write “unshareable” contents that can lead to the perdition of others. Let your contents be seasoned with salt!

What’s your vision for the day, the week, the month, and the rest of your days.

We can support you in making your vision to be an author into a reality.

A trial will definitely change your perception.


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