With or without a title,

I will give my best to you,

You gave your best through your son,

You want to showcase my life to others,

Making them to know that our little can become mighty,

I will give my best to you, Lord.

Mortal me, you made immortal,

Small me, you made great,

Poor me, you made rich,

Shallow me, you made deep,

Weak me, you made strong.

What other thing do I need?

Just to make the best from all you have made me.

I will do my best for you,

For the night cometh,

For my breathe would soon cease,

For my time would soon be up,

For my age would soon advance,

I am ready to do my best henceforth.

Move with him, let him move up,

Abide in him; let him abide in you,

Go on in His might,

Your best is His desire.

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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