Withered but With Us!

Alagba Adebayo Faleti

The lonely tree
With varying shapes of leaves
Just withered!

The Actor cum Writer,
Poet cum dramatist,
Translator cum polyglot.

He rose from Agboye, Oyo Alaafin,
You portrayed the cultural ideologies,
Distinguishing you from the market noise of knowledge.

Sapping knowledge from Ibadan,
Doing exploits in Ibadan,
Pitching his tent by Olororo in Ibadan,
Bringing the global laurels to Ibadan.

Learnt French from Dakar,
Learnt English from Ibadan,
Stood by Yorùbá all through his life!

Oro l’eye n gbo o!
Eye o dede ba lorule o!
Oro l’eye n gbo o!

He collaborated creatively,
Associated and respected by the gown,
Honoured by all strata of the town!

He whose caps got long ears,
Could it be a continuation of his name?
The majestic swing of him till he bowed out.

Your artistry resonates in WNTV,
Cultural Centre,
And with the cultural moviemaker- Mainframe films.

You saw it all,
You dined with the rich
Danced with the poor!

Ko ye won,
Yoo ye won lola!

Your humourous expression,
With very deep content,
While striking their heart!

Who got all your wealthy words of wisdom?
Who captured all the great words from your lips?
Who will not let you down in death?

Oti n ye wa!
That the proverbial sound of Agidigbo drums,
Can only be danced to by the wise
with understanding by the initiates.

(c) Olutayo IRANTIOLA
23rd July 2017

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