‘We Rise, Rise and Rise’: A Review of The Bling Lagosians

Movie: The Bling Lagosians
Duration: 99 minutes
Producer: Bolanle Austen-Peters Films
Reviewer: Olutayo Irantiola

Mopelola and Akin Holloway- major characters in the flick

Lagos, the Centre of Excellence and the commercial capital of Nigeria remains the heartbeat of the country and many great storylines keep emerging out of the state which is representing Nigeria across the globe. There are many relatable themes that are being transformed into blockbuster movies produced by Bolanle Austen-Peters films led by Bolanle Austen-Peters.

The Holloway family is a renowned name in the city and they are so proud of their legacies. However, Akin Holloway, the current head of the family is an entrepreneur who has built the St. Ives Group but unfortunately, he mixed his business with his personality and wreaked his business venture. This is a very pivotal lesson that needs to be learnt by many African entrepreneurs who continually believe that their thriving businesses are products of their labour alone. The mixture of his personality and business can be seen in various ways.

He was enjoying the proceeds of the business at the expense of the investors. Akin Holloway was busy buying choice properties across the globe; chartered flights; investment in treasury funds; children’s trust funds, buying state of the art automobiles; purchase of wristwatches; making his wife’s birthday an annual event. All these are not bad but the only challenge is the timing and not ploughing back profit.

The takeover of St.Ives Group was orchestrated by his friend who he was felt slighted by Akin Holloway’s philandering activities with his wife. This despicable act made him lose the company to AMCON and his friend became the Chairman of the group. Philandering is a major cost center for many elites who see it as a way of socialization.

Also, Mr Holloway attempted to use his connection within the state to his favour which is typical of any businessman. He was not doing the right thing and at the same time, he does not want to be put to shame. However, he could not sustain the ‘padding’ and all his schemes fell flat like a pack of cards.

The elitist demographic representation of Lagosians in the flick is this phrase, “the one per cent of the one percent.” It is all a matter of class; the current class is hosting events across the globe and it is the one per cent of the one per cent that attends such events from Lagos; invitation of a-list artists to their events; they have their weekends on the waterways and their level of sophistication is second to none.

Gossip thrives in the city of Lagos- from the media, to the elites cum employers, to the employees. The media is willing to gossip about the elites; the elites gossip amongst themselves about the misfortunes of other elites and finally the maids also gossip about their unpaid salaries and the happenings in the life of their bosses. The family was rechristened “Noway” from Holloway, in one of the gossip in the flick.

In all, forgiveness brought the family together and they had a swell time at the birthday of Mrs Mopelola Holloway; she forgave her husband and it was not anymore the burial of the dynasty as she mentioned. The forgiveness also helped in restoring the relationship of the first daughter of the family and they had fun during the event.

The most important lesson in the flick was when Akin Holloway called the Governor’s mother telling her that he knew that he has frittered away his opportunity and dragged the name of his family through the mud. She asked him if the way he would remain grounded and he responded, ‘We rise, rise and rise. It is only us will get us back.’ That’s the spirit of Lagosians which many people do not know, businesses come and go but great names stay around forever in all spheres of human endeavours because Lagosians do not give up.

Go pick your lessons from the cinemas. Here is the link to the trailer-

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