Was there humour in The Wedding Party II?


Movie title: The Wedding Party II

Production Company: Elfike Film Collective

Genre: Rom-com

Duration: 1 hour, 37 minutes

Director: Niyi Akinmolayan

The sequel of the well-publicized flick,  The Wedding Party, is such a beautiful movie of many scenes across three major locations: Lagos, London and Dubai. However, the humour in the romantic comedy did not evoke much laughter as expected.

There are certain realities that would not have happened to a sharp “Naija Igbo” boy, peradventure, he gets into the error of making an accidental proposal that looked like a set-up, he would find a way of skillfully unbundling himself from the situation.

There are some other ways in which the movie had the similitude of the comedy of errors asides the proposal; the role of Sola Sobowale in planning an antics for her in-law in unreal; the role of the middleman played by Frank Donga at the introduction ceremony. In fact, the role of Seyi Law and Chigul is an aspersion on the image of the officers at the Airport.

Still shoot from the movie

Also, a character usually stood in between two others- Nonso’s Aunty between the intending couple; Nonso’s father between his Sister, Ada, and his Obianuju, his wife. The unnecessary fight engaged in by the popular actor, Ay, at the wedding ceremony did not add any value to the cameo!

However, I like the part in which Deirdre’s dad wanted to eat hot pepper soup, he almost burnt his tongue. He was one outstanding character as he played his role surprisingly pleasant yet very hilarious. His character was quite comedic and came in different forms like sarcasm, witness and ignorance. On the day of the traditional marriage, he and Nonso’s aunty went into a cultural confrontation of what should be and shouldn’t be. All the cultural differences and banters around the movie are normal in inter-tribal and inter-racial weddings.

Still shoot from the movie

The use of music in the movie was apt. However, the comic part of it would appeal more to another set of audience but I feel the content of the star-studded movie should have had a stronger delivery of humour. Probably, our taste for sophisticated movies have not reached the peak at which we were taken to. The movie might be unrivaled in terms of earnings and quality but we hope to get other interesting movies from the ensemble of A-list actors from Elfike Collective and Ebonylife Television.

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