Vox Pop:How Female Financial Journalists manage their Families and Careers

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The leading Pan-African financial institution, Guaranty Trust Bank Plc, organized a training in partnership with the School of Media and Communications, Pan Atlantic University for financial journalists tagged, “Leadership Skills and Ethics in Journalism”. In the course of the training, it was noted that there was no gender balance in the class. It was posited that financial journalism is not an easy terrain for women because it is laden with a lot of challenges. This made our reporter to speak to the married women in the class to know how they cope with the demands of their families and their careers; herein below is the excerpt of our conversation-

“Everything boils down to planning. You have to plan your activities very well as a woman. You have to take care of your family and attend to your job too. For me, I shop during the weekend so that when I am not around, the family can feed well. Then, I enjoy the support of my husband. When I am not around, he stands in and takes care of the family. Planning is very crucial in it all.”

   Hope Moses-Ashike of BusinessDay newspaper.

“There is no profession that a woman wants to embark on that should make her family suffer. My family is not suffering because of my job and my job too is equally not suffering. I plan ahead, I have not had a domestic help for many years, and people have been wondering how I do it. I strategize and plan, I don’t wait for situations to become emergencies before taking action. Don’t seat back till it becomes a challenge. Envisage the next likely event and act before it happens. The willingness and the decision to take care of my family makes life seamless for me.”

Helen Oji of The Guardian newspaper. 

“It is not easy but the determination to achieve make things work. This job requires a lot of planning. It is important to be focused, I am focused on what I want to achieve and I outline that activities that needs to done daily and this helps me in being organized. My husband is equally a pillar of support to me, for instance yesterday, my husband hinted me that the DG of Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) has been changed because he is interested in my job. All of these have made me thrive professionally”

Chinyere Joel-Nwokeoma of the News Agency of Nigeria

“It is not easy, every woman should learn how to plan herself and her time. It is a must obligation. The economy would not allow women not to work because their finances will suffer. Also working should not affect the care of the home front. There must be a way of planning the two, there must be a way of marrying the two. There are a lot of women of substance that I have spoken to in the course of my career and they keep reiterating that planning your time and prioritizing rightly is important for the family and one’s career.”

Ngozi Amuche of The  Point newspaper

“I had that in mind before getting married. It was part of the criteria for the proposal. I made it known that marrying me will also include marrying my job. In fact, I thought marrying a journalist would be helpful because he would understand the rigor and the challenges associated with the work but it did not work that way.  My husband knows that the nature of my work is unpredictable. He loves my job and he assists me in various ways. The challenges of the job makes it interesting and I like it. Going away from home is challenging and it’s a sacrifice. My outgoing nature makes it easier for me to cope. My bosses encourage me on the beat though they always mention that women should be more in the newsroom rather than going from one place to another. In it all, the cooperation of my family has reduced the pressure from work.”

   Kehinde Akinseinde-Jayeoba of Nigerian Tribune newspaper

“The strenght of God and the support of the family. It is not easy though. For every job, if you want to succeed, you have to be passionate about it. Financial Journalism is very dynamic and there are new trends daily. The tough side is meeting up with deadlines and knowing when to write and when not. At such times, I find comfort in my family, my husband, who has an incline into what I do and he even advises me on the job.”

Adesola Afolabi of Daily Times newspaper


There is no height that a woman cannot reach in life with these factors enumerated by these women. Marriage is no barrier to becoming a woman of substance. Plan effectively, communicate appropriately, timely prioritization, unfettered determination, a sense of focus, great organization skills and the cooperation of the family. Keep aiming for gold at all times- married women are unlimited in their career pursuit too.


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