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I heard my name from the depth of sleep, “wake up and take this cup of tea”. I looked at the time and it was 6 am, I thought to myself, “why wake me this early? What is so unusually about today that she preparing an early morning cup of tea for me?” Since I have stood from sleep, I decided to open the daily devotion to meditate on the word of God and I saw the date as 14th of February. I thought to myself again, “is this her valentine’s gift for me? What is her aim?” I can’t figure out. Well, I allowed all the thought to drown so that I can concentrate and put the day in perspective.

As I left home for office, I got a call from a number, I don’t know, I was thinking to myself again, who would be calling at 9am, I reluctantly picked the call and I asked, “who is on the line?” I got the answer, My name is Timi Dakolo, “I have a special request from your wife to sing a love to you on her behalf”, I imagined on, why is this lady beating my imagination this much, why is she getting herself all over me today especially? Have she done anything that she wants to tell me but firstly cool my nerves?” I concluded, “Whatever it is, let the day be on its natural course”.

At about noon, I got a call from the receptionist, “Hello Bode, someone is looking for you on the ground floor, do we allow the person in?” I answered, “Yes, all him in”. Upon arrival, the stern looking young man just said, “ Mr. Bode good afternoon, I have a special parcel here already paid for, it is being delivered at the moment and you are just meant to sign now that it is delivered”. I can’t control my thought anymore; I asked again, “who is sending this? Why is the person sending me this?
Is it because it is Valentine?” I opened the parcel and saw a brief note saying,

I know your needs and I chose today as a day to meet it. Your sweetheart

It was written in red with a red rose. My concentration dwindled by the hour. I tried to courageously do the task ahead of me. By 2pm, I was in search of a pen in my bag, I saw an envelope in it and I wondered, “who dropped the envelope here, I never had one yesterday”. As I try to unfold the content of the envelope, a piece of paper fell. I saw another note in red ink saying

I know you don’t eat outside of home but here is a special lunch for us by 3pm. Your sweetheart.
I fell to my knees, my colleagues started asking what was wrong, I summoned courage to stand. I just told them, it’s been an overwhelming day of love from my wife. Immediately, I sent someone to buy me her favorite………. And we shared love over and over again.

This is fiction, don’t believe it or want to do this, it could be expensive!

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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