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for Zulu Sofola

Though they query,
Having other thing to write about,
Marxism is a principle,
Revolution is needed,
Feminism glory turned womanism.
The standard of our fathers,
The abolished glory of the past,
The called idolatry,
The made assumed fetish life,
The crude civilization,
Zulu stood by.
Let our gods speak,
Let their will be done,
Let us not disobey,
Let us not violate,
Let us keep their worth,
Gods: we praise thee.
A lone star,
Shinning years after death,
The unloved traditionality,
Standing against us,
Whites, you tried,
Our tradition suits us.
My deed, my deed,
My life, my life,
Zulu, you have made it,
Successful even after death.
Note to Dr. Ife Sofola: 
A 400l student of English, University of Ilorin,presenter of a youth program on Radio Kwara YOUTH ALIVE, a performer poet and compere .Just willing to express myself about your mother in a short poem and to say EKU ASEYINDE to her children.


Dear Olutayo,

I am very touched and honored by the tribute you have made to our mother, Mama.
We, the children, feel very privileged to have had mama as our biological mother, but most of all,
she was a mother to Africa as a whole. Thank you for the masterful poem. Keep well and fit,
and keep the flag of our culture and traditions flying.
Truly yours,
Ifepo O. Sofola, MD

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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