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Pastor Tim Amosun, MNIPR, MA, MSc, BTh, BEd, MPhil

Life is synonymous with races; there are some races that one would definitely know that one would catch up with effortlessly over time while there are some races that one needs extra effort to catch up with; Uncle Tim Amosun falls into the last category to me.

My contact with Uncle Tim started from the Alapere Medium Estate in the sitting room of, our Big Brother, Mr. Adeyemi Atanda about 7 years ago.  Big Brother knew about my journey about the writing of the biography of my maternal Grandfather, Revd JA Okesiji, JP and we were preparing for the launch. At the snap of the finger, he mentioned Uncle Tim Amosun, popularly called Baba, as being the right person to do the review of the book. I did not refute the idea and that ignited my relationship with him.

In the popular Nigerian parlance, ‘like play, like play’, Uncle Tim took me up as his ‘lost’ sibling and he was always on my trail. If he was not on phone with me, he would send an email or sms; if he was not helping me out at Ladipo spare part market; he would be giving me an update on his movement or picking me up from one location; if we were not discussing the updated history of Okeho; we would be sharing some progressive information about our hometown; if he was not dragging me for a meeting, he would be introducing me to someone from Okeho who is equally our brother. Ironically, whenever I am introducing an Okeho chap to him, he knows his ancestry.

Having known that I am one of the Okeho boys born some miles away from home, he had constantly built the bridge that take my heartbeat towards home thereby making me a thoroughly bred Okeho man. As I always call myself, ‘Ilugbemi’, I have no regret ever associating with an Okeho man who eats history, drinks history, relates history, researches history and understands history.

Uncle Tim’s sense of leadership is parallel to none, he is revered across board. Within the little time that I have spent with him; he has kept his relationship with high, low and mighty from Okeho, all the schools he has attended, churches and everyone that has come in contact with him. His abode is permanently a beehive of activities and his loving wife, Dr Folasade has been a staunch support of his disposition.

The contrast in Uncle Tim is the mixture of a priest and police; they complement effectively. The priest in him comes active from time to time. There are copious examples of people who have gone through the trials one is passing through; he constantly checks on one, your family, progress and in fact, challenges. There is no odd hours in his dictionary, if you are not on to him at such hours; he is reaching out to you. Likewise, the officer in him emerges because he cannot stand cheats. Do not claim to be ‘street-smart’ with him because he would deal with the person with wisdom accrued over the years from his numerous experiences. He has successfully helped a lot of people out of various concerns as an officer within a short while.

Uncle Tim is young because he is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of his 30th birthday but he is old because his experience is worth half a century. You have raised the bar and I desire, by God’s grace, to match your record for a start. Keep setting the pace as you are an ace! We are proud to be associated with you at all times. Baba, look back, we are all behind you but keep your gaze ahead because we love your leadership.

Your dearest Aburo,
(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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