The Veggie ‘s Love: Gran Melia Hotel, Lagos

Front view of Gran Melia Hotel

Gran Melia Hotel is one of the lodging facilities opposite the Lagos Business School (LBS), Ajah, Lagos. It is a great facilities that definitely would assist executive students of LBS and give peace of mind to either tourists or travellers.

The hotel is in two folds, single rooms and the apartment which are furnished to taste with exquisite furniture that would make the hotel “a home away from a home” for every discerning guest while beauty art works beautify the walls from the lobby to the rooms. While on the other side of the hotel is a swimming pool with a bar for those who desire to relax by the poolside.

The environment of the hotel is serene and the calmness within the place would help assimilation and relaxation. For those who want to have a stay there, the value for money cannot be doubted. I was connected to the internet all through my stay on both my laptop and my mobile device. This is elating.

As a veggie, who had a short stay in the hotel, I was impressed when I was gifted a “hamper of fruits” filled with banana, apple and pear. I am encountering this unique gift in a hotel room for the first time. My heart was stolen because of this singular gesture.

However, the hotel needs to improve on certain snags in other to attract and retain her customers. It was not exciting to see an empty refrigerator in the rooms when guests will be charged for consuming the drinks placed in the rooms. They have not got that commercial drift.

Another thing that needs to be improved upon in the room service is the provision of flipflop and toothpaste. When the reception was called requesting for toothpaste, I was told that a staff can help me to buy one but they don’t provide it. I presume that it’s a norm that will make guests comfortable.

The restaurant/kitchen service needs to be up scaled also. The variety of meals is limited. The breakfast is not buffet and meals are rationed at dinner. Everyone knows that waste is not permissible in this economy but bringing foods in piecemeal also impacts negatively on the customer experience. Many guests lost their appetite for morsel meals when the time of preparation dragged.

Nonetheless, we need to applaud investors who have not given up in doing everything to beat the challenges of this clime. They are our stars and our desire is that we can still have affordable places that will compete with known local and international hotel brands situated all across Nigeria.
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