That dark day,
In which the news woke me up,
That you will be facing the firing squad,
On my first visit to Garden City!
Everyone sought for hiding,
Your Ogoni brothers at Mile 4

Were incarcerated too,
Everyone watched his word and step!
As I grew,
I heard of Ken from many people,
Saw Raymond Ogunade’s tears,
Heard Nnimmo Bassey’s narrations,
Got a picture of your bravery,
Till you gave your soul to the same quest!
Your voice resonates till date,
Your voice is a fight for communality,
Brave one of the Ogoni soil!
May the bullet that pierced your skin,
Keep shattering their hearts,
The acid that ate your flesh,
Keep smearing their tomorrow!

May the Ken in us never die!
(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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