PRQuote- The First Mover Advantage in Crisis

It is no longer news that Nigeria has been engulfed in the imbroglio of the #Endsars protest in the last few days. The protest has gone from one end of the country to another: some are anti, while some are pro. The crisis has led to the further fragmentation of the country- people have even gone further to define the campaign beyond the literary hashtag which ignited the campaign. I would not want to sound too partisan but I want to share what might be useful for us as leaders and even in our relationships.

Looking at the media reports in the last two weeks, the spotlight of the local and national media had been on the protest and there have been various definitions for all that is happening. It is usually advised that in a Crisis situation, it is best to comment within few hours, so that one can avoid situations that touches the heart.

Although various State Governors, Senate President and the Speaker of the House of Representatives have spoken, it did not carry the desired weight nor did it soothe the populace. If the President had deployed the First Mover Advantage by addressing the nation on the situation. It would have been a walk over for him. 13 days after, we are still waiting to hear from him.

The First Mover Advantage would have helped the President to control the narrative. It would have helped him to be in control of the communication agenda. Also, it would have helped the President to identify what he optimally could have said in order to maintain trust, confidence and loyalty.

The First Mover Advantage prevents critics and adversaries from framing the situation. Leaders need to define the crisis, their motives and their actions first, consistently, and persistently, What Nigerians expected of the President was to rise to the occasion.

I am available for more coaching on this.

Let’s calm the already tensed situation and have a blessed week

Olutayo IRANTIOLA writes #PRQuotes weekly.

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