The Denomination You belong to determines your Speed– Kayode Adewale

Kayode Adewale, popularly called Kayman, is a contemporary Gospel and motivational music minister who started out from Ilorin, the Kwara State Capital. The Ogbomoso born gospel minister, who has two albums to his credit, sees his life as a testimony having lost his father while he was in Primary Three. The PDC Crew had a chat with him in Lagos, where he currently resides. Excerpts:

PDC: What was growing up like?

KAYMAN: Growing up was not so pleasant because I lost my Dad when I was in Primary Three, you can imagine what that means. So, it was a little bit hard to survive but I thank God I’m here today and I really appreciate my God for the journey so far. It is all a testimony now.

PDC: how many albums do you have to your credit?

KAYMAN: I have two albums- Aminringindin and Oba Abake– at the moment and by God’s grace, the third one will be out in the next few months. And I have 3 single tracks.

PDC: What types of instrument do you play?

KAYMAN: I play both lead and bass Guitars but major on lead; I also play the keyboard and little of Drums

PDC: How long have you been into music?

KAYMAN: I started singing since I was a little child anyway but precisely I have been involved in various musical activities in the last twenty five years. I started playing musical instruments in 1993, not learning. I have been involved in music for a while.

PDC: Based on what you just mentioned, were you an apprentice to any musician at any time in your career?

KAYMAN: Yes, I have been under the tutelage of many musicians but I will mention the major ones. Mr Kayode Oladeji of the Wonderful Singer Gospel Band and Mr. Opeyemi Adu of the Treasure band; both bands are based in Ilorin, Kwara State.

PDC: How do you get inspired to write song and arrange your music?

KAYMAN: Well, I write and arrange my music. This is an interesting question, after getting inspired through things around me and what I keep pondering upon, I infuse lyrics into my thoughts and that leads me to write it down. Thereafter, there could be a little tweak of it when I get to the studio. It would surprise you to know that inspiration also comes in irregular places- it could be in the lavatory or the bath; the most important thing is to get hold of the idea when it comes to mind.

PDC: Which of your tracks or albums do you love most.

KAYMAN: I love all my songs but the title track of the first Album is the one I love most because it keeps me assured of a greater tomorrow. It motivates me and I believe that those who listen to it too would be motivated whenever they listen to it.

PDC: There’s a juju musician called Kayode Adewale, have people mistaken you for him before?

KAYMAN: The names are actually the same and some few people have mistaken me for him in times past thinking maybe I am Kayode Adewale junior or I am trying to ride on his own name. However, we do two separate genres of music- he does juju music and I play gospel music.

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PDC: Some people have said there are some of your tunes sounds like Bisade Ologunde aka Lagbaja, how come?

KAYMAN: Though, I listen to Lagabja’s songs and I like his peculiar style of his music. It may sound alike because I use the similar African tonality in my music; so it maybe … but we both have our distinct content and lyrics.

PDC: What is your taken on Gospel Musicians that feature secular musicians in their album?

KAYMAN: well, that depend on individual and what you stand for as a Gospel musician. Just like the WWJD- What would Jesus do- question, if Jesus was in your shoes what will He do. People would form an opinion about the Gospel musician, so it is left for the person to decide the step to take.

PDC: Since you started music, what are the challenges that you have faced?

KAYMAN: Gospel musicians face a lot of challenges some of these include- the platform to perform. As a Christian, I have also discovered that the denomination you belong to determines your speed. Some Pentecostal churches have platforms for their Gospel music ministers. Some have record labels to market and distribute the music of their Gospel music ministers as such, their music is well known and it becomes the songs of the moment. The orthodox churches needs to learn from such initiatives because the available platforms in these Pentecostal churches is making those that they train to move to other denominations. Also, marketing our albums is another challenge but thank God for social media because most marketers and record label want renowned gospel ministers so that they can quickly recoup their investment.

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PDC: The world has gone digital, how have you been able to ensure that your music is available to people asides the album

KAYMAN: I have made efforts to make the music available in different formats- for instance, I have some tracks as Caller Ring-back tunes on different networks in Nigeria. I also promote some of the tracks and singles on the various music download sites and social media. I would not relent in making the songs available via other identified media too.

PDC: If you are not a musician, what would you have been doing?

KAYMAN: Smile, maybe an accountant because I wanted to study banking and finance before I changed my mind, also, I could have been a full time sport man; I loved playing baseball when I was younger.

PDC: What are your ways of preparing the next generation?

KAYMAN: Well, I have few guys I am training. I also use any little opportunity to counsel them because I have discovered some just don’t want to labour before they reap and that is in contrast to the natural law. So, they have to go through the right process to become the right gospel minister.

PDC: What do you do at your leisure time?

KAYMAN: I do sport to keep the body fit; I study and research because that helps me to discover new things; these are the times that preoccupy my time.

PDC: What should your teeming fans be expecting from you in 2018?

KAYMAN: God is at work in our lives, my fans should be expecting another album soon. In fact, we are almost done with cooking and by God’s grace, it would be served for their consumption… smile

PDC: Any advice for upcoming gospel musicians?

KAYMAN: They should work hard because it pays, they should be unique in what they do, they should keep doing the best for this will attract the best to them. Finallly, they should trust and believe in God.

Thank you for your time, we appreciate you.

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  1. Kayman is a musician par excellence , a role model to many teenagers and youths back then in Ilorin due to his skillful ways of playing both lead and bass guitars . He is very versatile too and has been consistent . I wish him well in his future projects.

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