All around the world,

Bat remains Bat,

Species differ.

Substitute exists,

Not a perfect substitute.

Though megachiroptera is going,

Microchiroptera appears,

No matter the similiarity,

The difference is clear.

Fruit bat,

Leaf nosed-bat,

Good each,

Not for substitution.

Identified species by receiver,

Unaccepted will it be,

Sheer waste of time!

Doubting reception,

Restless mind,

Definitely, incomplete sacrifice.

The megachiroptera for its sacrifice,

The microchiroptera for its sacrifice,

Never the same.

The accepted for sure acceptance,

Never the son of RIver Oba for Osun River,

They recognize their wards.

Don’t attract the wrath of the gods,

By allowing microcheroptera

to stand in for megachrioptera,

It beliitles thm,

You are playing on their intelligence.



You have substitutes,

None stands your worth.

With endless search,

You are distinct.

Your exit

Produces no replacement.

Ladies flock around,

I can’t see you in tehm,

It’s you and not them.

Give my heart rest,

Give me my desire for ere.

The world asks after you,

For they know you are different.

You have stolen my heart,

Let’s seal this friendship.

Let my joy be full,

My time in peace,

My days in plenitude,

Just your person,

Just you and nothing more.


Let’s subsitute,

You closed yours,

Other routes can open,

You left a vacancy,

There is a close subsitute.

Is there any similarity

greater than this?

There are flocks of ladies,

The best is a wife.

No subsitutute can stand,

You keep wagging your tail,

Creating chances for others,

Where do we go from here?

My neck is laid on the rope,

My life is at a halt,

A new chase,

The unknown ones?

Here comes,

The one with distinct inteeligence,

You are choosy,

Why cause me this pain?

Ain’t a thespian,

Neither a playboy,

Let’s make it real.

The more megachiroptera falunts,

The more microchirpotera appears,

There is a difference,

I can’t trade mega for micro.

From the proverb:

Ti a ko ba ri Adan, a si fi oobe sebo.

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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