E ku ati!

As a Yoruba boy, I appreciate greeting in the language that appeals so much to my instinct. I said “It’s been a while!” in my dialect. I have been held down by circumstances beyond my control.
Today’s discussion is about two buildings. These buildings are located in the same part of the town. They were built on the same soil type and they needed the same materials to erect them. However, one of the buildings was done by a contractor who cut corners. We all know the result of such tasks.
Solidly Built structures are planned and built to specification and requirement. Some of the ways in which we build structures include our families, our careers, our businesses and our building as it were. 
Shoddily Built structures are the structures that are micro-manage resources, avoid using required quantity of materials. We can be shoddy in our preparation for school, life, marriage and other areas of human endeavor.  In building especially, there are many people that had died “untimely” because the construction firm or the owner is not doing the right thing.
Please do not be shoddy in doing business, family, career, academic and other activities that you find yourself doing. Whatever is built shoddily is more expensive than what is solidly built.
We all have a choice!
Stay solid!
(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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