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Here we are again for another edition of our regular weekly versus series. Holidays have started, I hope parents are finding it pleasurable and students relaxed. Hope you had a restful weekend? May all your endeavour this week lead to great success.
In Lagos, Nigeria,there are vehicles that ply short distances, the drivers and owners hardly worry about renewing the documents of the vehicles. All they essentially need is fuel to power their engines and earn a living. Also, there are vehicles that ply other routes within the state and they can be sanctioned for what those vehicles within the areas are exempted from by some agency of the state government. Ultimately, there are vehicles that travel out of the state that need to confront to the regulations of federal agencies. There are short term requirements and long term regulations.
Short term requirements are the factors needed to survive, the needs are limited. The person that is always concerned with the short-term might not think of saving for the rainy day, such person believe in finishing what is available at hand and hope that tomorrow will take care of itself. People with these mindset are usually complacent people.
Long term regulations are the factors that can guarantee success over time. Someone who is concerned with long term regulations are thrift, they get certified for career progression, they think of beneficial projects beyond what they would consume today. People concerned with long term regulations are thirsty of a greater tomorrow and also striving for the best.
It is good to be contented but it is equally beneficial to put in one’s best into anything that one’s hand finds to do. As one attempts to break new records, it should be done through the right means. There are many forged documents to ensure that one beats the regulatory agencies but it is not helpful because of one’s integrity and trust. Such deeds could be discovered.

What long term regulations ensure include total quality management, efficient & effective service delivery and professionalism.

As you proceed in life, are you putting the long term regulations in mind, it pays for today and posterity. The short term requirements are not challenging enough for the success you require. Leave crumbs for chunks.
Have a grand week ahead.

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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