Umu nnem,
I am coming to you as an Igbo man today. I am saying, My People! I hope you are doing great? I had a fascinating weekend; I met new people as I hosted a Yorùbá event tagged “Yorùbá LákỌ̀tun”. There was poetry and an interview session with Ọmọ-Ọba Olúṣẹ̀san Ajewọlé, the author of many Yorùbá and English literatures. I believe, it is time for cultural renaissance, if our language and culture will not go into extinction.
Back to the subject of discourse today, we all know that there are some children that we meet on the streets everyday who have developed a very crafty personality. These are children that you hardly would want to come your way. They have learnt sharp practices as against developing sharp minds.

Sharp practices are vices that are found in people, this do not take into cognizance age, class or social status. We have recently seen parents been accused of embezzling public funds among other crimes and these acts were adjudicator through arrests, court proceedings, verdicts and possibly fine and sentences. Sharp practices are products of our human nature which is generally selfish as it keep yelling-“I,ME, MINE, MYSELF” etc.
Sharp minds are the productive minds which gives solutions to the teeming problems of mankind. People with sharp minds, look into the society and proffer solutions needed by others, sometimes, to their own detriment. These people are popularly referred to as geniuses. They usually engrave their names on people’s heart and also on the soil of time; they have the “WE” mindset.
The good news is this; if you are sharp, then you have a choice to make it positive or negative. Everybody manufactures a product that will be judged by others as the creative use of sharp minds or as a hub for sharp practice.
Enjoy your week.

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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