Salary Takers vs Salary Earners

Guest co-writer- Mr. Moyo Ajekigbe, OFR


A Delighted Salary Earners

Bangani Bami,

We are cruising towards the celebration of Christmas for the year 2017. It seems so short and at the same time, so long! We thank God for His mercies as far as the year is concerned. It shall all end in praise and we shall rejoice. I just greeted you like a Zulu man from South Africa saying, “My friends”.

I am delighted to be having a special edition wherein I have a Guest co-writer: Mr. Jacobs Moyo Ajekigbe, the erstwhile Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer of First Bank Nigeria Plc. This title of this edition is derived from his book titled, Marching with the Elephants: Selected Speeches of Moyo Ajekigbe. JMA, as he is typically called, mentioned on several occasions in the book that there are “Salary Takers and there are Salary Earners”. Out of curiosity, I asked him for his definition and herein below was his explanation-

“Salary takers” take their salaries for granted. They care less whether the company makes money or not; their salaries are guaranteed at the end of the month. They don’t put in efforts commensurate with the salary they take (receive) and don’t do much (in terms of their productivity).

We have salary takers in most large organizations- they are loafers or free riders or parasites- they continue to tag along. Most of the workers in the civil service are salary takers. How do you explain a situation where they are (on strike and) not paid for six or nine months, and they continue to hang on to their jobs, waiting for the day they will take their salaries?

“Salary earners” as used in the book are those who earn their pay as a return for work done or services rendered. Organizations continues to do well (thrive on) from the sweat of salary earners. In my own addition, salary earners are those who also move up the ladder in their career as they are discovered and recognized for the job well done. They equally derive personal satisfaction by adding value to the organization.

So, it is all about employee productivity or lack of it.

I hope this special edition will help us to become very productive employees in the New Year?

Cautiously enjoy the festive season.





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