Review: The Theme of Political Renovation in “The Stakeholder” by Idegu Ojonugwa Shadrach

Title of book: The Stakeholder

Date of Publication: March 7th, 2020

Publisher: Independently Published

Reviewer: Prince Etim

Idegu Ojonugwa Shadrach, an international Nigerian playwright who loves in shaping and reshaping the world of politics as shown in some of his political books especially in “The Revelation”, “The Apprehensive: The Nation”, and the likes, has written another great play titled, “The Stakeholder”. The play recently bagged him a shortlisted Candidate of JKUAT who points out in-necessities of the world of Africa politics and the rest of the world. Upon illuminating the unfortunates, he proffers solutions to every in-necessity presented. 

The political in-necessities such as organizing youths to fight against one another, embracing irrelevant people for political positions, the wrong system of political participation, establishing and keeping hatred among political caucus that open expressway to the sufferings of electorates or followers. 

The executive arms of government taking absolute power in a government which is so-called “immunity”, taking bribery and corruption prime services in the political circle and a lot more were provided with some prevailing solutions. These solutions are termed reasonable and constructive following the essential mandate of changing all aspects of Africa political system as credited in the play, respectively.

A development of youths or any arms of government receiving a high level of ill-treatment from the governments or upper colleagues and lower colleagues to register heart-bothering matter to international communities for possible assistance is equally a strong content in the political play by this young international Nigerian writer.

The playwright oversees the unmerited channel of selecting aspirants without putting forth some guidelines crediting the safety of the future government and agreed to be a negative affirmation. In that regard, he sets some political-oriented guidelines for any aspirant to meet up for being considered for the prospective position that was equally presented in the play.

Idegu Ojonugwa Shadrach in his play used all his well-acquainted friends as characters. In this case, he takes the ill-matter in Africa political system so serious in discussion as he uses his friends, whose as placed in the play, appropriate their level of intelligence and as to that, he exemplified them to be followed by these evil-hearted politicians in Nigeria, African and the rest continents of the world. He, therefore, gives a strong salute to as many friends as he uses the direct or direct-related names in the play and better salutes to as many politicians indicating readiness to embrace such characters in exercising their political mandate.

The play also urges the board of international communities to mandate oversight power to succumb activities of the reported dilapidated area of any given government to the appropriations and regulations of any nation’s constitution. Stressing more on this, he also prays international communities should help in the reformation of some constitutional contents supplying outdated activities.

In the play, the intelligent approach of The Commander and The Leader to liberate their notorious respective groups from political incentives are groundbreaking actions that enjoin all negative physical political agents always used during the election period to underscore. So, the public disgrace bought for Comrade Pius should be greatly noted by such mannerless politicians in the societies. The efforts of their state government to encourage them are also a thing of good. The subjective cooperation in the play to establish fairness in judgment is the most readable thing for African nations now. If this is not attained, the nation will still stay in a hostile and negatively compromised government. 

Moreover, the dwindling nature of the political system is majorly credited with the aids of the judiciary system of the nation, because, if the judiciary system maintains its power at all angles, the nation would credit goodies for the citizens. The role of Justice George in the play is a great pointer of good change in the Africa political system, especially in Nigeria. However, following sets of fearful-hearts of youths and some top people in a nation and some good-mannered politicians on the contemplation of healing political disease of a nation on a due cause of harming them and their family, the author has intelligently submitted possible and positive ways such can be fully and successfully attained with peace and understanding. This was acknowledged simply to reduce the risk of discharging the goodwill of services around politics.

He extensively franks at the pathological political defection of some politicians and electorates; this he acknowledges to be hugely notorious and extremely unwise and suggests only the selfish politicians and political participants could embrace such immature style and act in the political circle. On this, he advises political parties to be so much researching on any top politicians and electorates trying to bag into a political party for an immediate mandate as political games are inevitable.

Godfatherism is a thing of strong in the course of the political system. No single nation and political party in the world is liberated on this. Therefore, the only achievable thing here is to have a good-hearted and politically oriented godfather. This helps accelerate the delivery of good services at the emergence of the political seat at all levels. Political ideologies managed by professor Cornelius in the play and his architectural and engineering stand to foster and pilot the party for the manifestation remain a great legacy African political leaders are to completely emulate. 

What makes this more super is his concern to filter the collective ideas and opinions of the party members, his dedicated duty-bound to be the father of all, his superfluity endurance to tolerate all kinds of characters and above all, his indicted readiness to serve the people with all he is gifted with; all is simply to have good governance in his political party, is a great and certain thing African leaders must-have. That is the singular method necessary in the African political system of the time.

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