Why Nigerians Need to Read Working on a Dream by Gbolahan Fagbure

by Olutayo Irantiola

Book cover- Working on a Dream

There are so many motivational literatures across the globe when read by a typical Nigerian, the assertion afterwards, is the highlighted principles are not applicable in the country. This attitude has limited people’s horizon and in fact, their lives. The debilitating routine has continued and many people have not been able to challenge the status quo and this has locked the greatness of the continent at large.

This book was given to me last year but it was one of the first set of books I read in the first quarter of 2018. The book written by a young entrepreneur, is an x-ray of his experiences in life, his ideas and his dreams which he has accumulated from at last three different continents of the world at pleasant and unpleasant times. For the pessimist, this book would elicit responses like, “he was born with a silver spoon,” “he is a lucky chap,” “he is well exposed” amongst others.

However, I am privileged to have opened my mind to unlock the goldmine in the book and I did not regret paying attention to every single word in the book and I will share some reasons with you and hopefully, this will propel you to see the need for you to read the book-

  • Rich Quotes: The book is full of great quotes from international books; national and international brands; Nigerian entrepreneurs, music, newspapers and magazines. This shows that there are a lot of accessible resources that can be leveraged for successful in life.
  • Life experiences: Many successful people are scared of revealing their past and their mistakes that all led to their greatness. They would prefer to tell just the glamorous side of life and this has not propelled a lot of people to succeed. This book has all the practical elements that characterizes life.
  • Nigerian Colloquial Language: The book has Nigeria colloquial language and other alien words explained in the notes, as such, the book is a compendium of words that one can easily relate with.
  • A 30-day Read: The book is made up of a total of 28 chapters in 205 pages. It can be completed within 30 days if a chapter is read daily.
  • Cuts across different strata of the society: The book cuts across different strata of the society, you will be at these various levels at different points in time. These strata include- student; employee; employer; aspiring entrepreneur; parent; the brokenhearted amongst others.
  • Discovery: There is something about everyone that the book addresses this will eventually enhance the quality of the person’s life.
  • Success is possible in Nigeria: The book reinforces the positive against the cynicism that success is not possible in Nigeria. Every novel idea spins wealth. This will help other young people to stop the endless attempt to leave Nigeria in search of greener pastures which is in abundance in Nigeria
  • Points to the Future: The book is a pointer to the future. Even for the author some of what he wrote in the book are for the future, for instance, the chapter on Raising Children is futuristic for him as he has a young family.


Reading this book will spur you into action to attain all the heights you have always desired. It is a book compliant with the millennial standard that will raise many leaders from Nigeria and across the world. The quality of the publication speaks volume about the publisher, Vartis Strategic Partners and I personally look forward to more publications from this stable. Be rest assured that Gbolahan has an understanding of the phase of life that you are now and you can bank on his dreams which will in turn feed your dreams.

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