Hello People of Substance,

It is a great opportunity coming your way this day. Thank God for a nice weekend. It was very relaxing for me, I decided to stay indoors and get refreshed for a new week. Thanks to PHCN- for not giving me electricity to enjoy it to the fullest.

As we do weekly, today, we would be considering. Reality Show Winners versus Brand Ambassadors.

Reality Show Winners are those who participate in a competition which is usually 10 weeks long. They are usually in search of fame, they want to express their themselves through their talents. I have been an audience to many reality shows and I have tried to watch the progression of many winners after their emergence but the challenge is, many of them do not go so far. However, some of them are doing very well.

Let’s just note that they suddenly rise into stardom, they get challenged most times managing the new height attained. It has been noticed that some of them cannot effectively maintain the car won during such shows. I remember reading a report on the trauma experienced by some people are winning a reality show such as depression and other psychological trauma, emotional crush etc. There is enormous potential for risk, and nobody is really following these people up or watching over their welfare.

Brand Ambassadors are those who have persisted to rise into stardom. They might have persisted for years doing the same thing. Then, a certain time would come when they become household names. They might have learnt lessons as beginners which would be very useful by the time they rise into stardom. They might have attempted being a part of a reality show and it did not work, by due to persistence, they made it. Also worthy of note is that, some reality show winners   had become brand ambassadors as well.

Where I am heading to? Kindly strive to be a Brand Ambassador. You would have laboured before you get to the point of recognition and appreciation. You would also have mastered the art. You are not adjudged based on a short-race, you would have been seasoned. You are not based on the assessment of a panel but you would have been through many trials that would have strengthened your heart and also be beyond trauma.

Let us rise progressively till we become Brand Ambassadors because a sharp rise as Reality Show Winners might also lead to a sharp fall if fame gets to the head faster than anticipated.

Enjoy your new week!

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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