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Such a good time of the year when everyone is preparing for a new year. It is important to add that everything that needs to be re-arranged and re-structured ahead of the new year needs to be done now. Today, let’s talk about your profile.

Sometimes recently, someone wanted to contest for a position in an association within hours. He was looking for his headshot picture to use for the e-poster. He could not get any! He started consulting his wife and friend for his image but he does not have any headshot photography.

It could look so small but it speaks to how prepared we are as corporate executives for our career journey. As small as it looks, it makes us look unprepared. It is important to have professional headshot photography. You have to spare some time to take these images. For instance, if there was an unsolicited media interview, would you reject it because you do not have a professional image?

Another thing that you need to put together to create a good image for yourself is your biography (bio). Your bio is the first thing that attracts people to you even when they have not met you. Your bio should state your job role, past experiences, accomplishments, academic qualifications, and what you do at leisure or your volunteering experiences. Many times, these details reside more in our heads but when we want to put it together impromptu; we will start to forget many things. Get it written professionally before it is required of you. Remember, your bio is not your Curriculum Vitae (CV).

For many pitches, the customer would request for the deck of the company profile. This is a way to assess you from a distance. They want to have an understanding of the projects you have handled in the past and see your capabilities. This profile is also a way of checking if you have done anything with a competition amongst others. If you do not take time to construct your company profile, you might see that you are consistently not getting jobs.

With the avalanche of social media handles and their divergent focus, you must understand the focus of each and let your profile and images suit each of them. You should desist from using your Linkedin page like your Facebook or Instagram page.

Your profile really matters; start putting it together to get those gigs as we approach 2022!

Olutayo Irantiola writes #PRQuotes weekly

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