#PRQuote: What’s New?

Lessons from Bobo80!

I am delighted to come your way again with my weekly discussions, and today, I will be asking you an important question, “What’s new?

A few months ago, we celebrated Engr Adeniji Raji (Bobo80), wherein we all saw him launch his autobiography, “Sheer Providence: The Story of my life”. Many people have read the book, and there have been many raving reviews across various platforms. As we all know, the great Bobo has done well for himself, and he should be resting by now.

Interestingly, he had decided to give us something new for the audiences that have not read the book, he has produced the book in an e-format that is available in multiple formats across various online platforms like Amazon; Barnes & Noble; iBooks; Rakuten kobo; Okadabooks; Bookmate; AbeBooks, etc.

This is exactly a strategy that should be deployed by C-Suite Executives and corporate organizations from time to time. The usual practice by many is that once they achieve something at a particular time; they go to rest. Although, they wake up from this slumber when there is a crisis.

The world desires to hear something new, fresh and motivating from your brand at all times. You cannot afford to go bland for many years. Yes, you might be making cool cash, but you also need to ensure that your top-of-mind awareness is top-notch.

Some of the things that you can use to build new content for your organization include Global events or seasonal news, news hijacking, thought leadership from the CEO, an anniversary story; a new piece of research or breakthrough; a new product human interest story; and also your members of staff.

As we end the month of October, ask yourself “what is new that I can communicate to the world in November?”

If you have been thinking of how to get the autobiography of Engr Raji to your families and friends overseas? You are a click away from getting it to them.

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