#PRQuote: The New Era of Client Service

Before the advent of COVID-19, there were many times when client service executives had to commute through the Lagos Island traffic to and fro meetings because they had to meet with the clients. However, there have been many workplace changes since we got into the post-COVID world.

We no more know our clients physically, and we have not stopped working. Meetings are held virtually and all work continues unhindered. In fact, the advent of COVID-19 has made work across Africa seamless.

Interestingly, we have learnt to pitch to clients virtually, and put in adequate energy that will make them desire to work with us and, from there work out the chemistry that will make us the preferred agency. 

After winning the pitch, we have learnt to know the nuisances of each client through their feedback through the regular meetings, their responses to emails, and chats on WhatsApp, amongst others. On another side, as Public Relations Specialist, we have learnt to embrace Thought Leadership programs through webinars, create content for blogs, personal branding on social media and enhancing of reputation through association. All these are tests of intuition and expertise that cannot be handled by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

How many clients do you know now? The commute of the past has significantly reduced and we have all learnt that what we were doing in the past is a sheer waste of time and effort. We are now in an era when we can do everything at a distance.

As a client service executive, how many clients do you know now? How much of a friend have we made of our clients despite our virtual relationship?

Let’s keep winning the heart of our clients despite the distant relationship.

Olutayo Irantiola writes #PRQuotes weekly

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