#PRQuote: The need to be Media Savvy!

I am excited to speak to us today about being media savvy. However, I have a case study before I proceed.

On July 22, 2009, President Brack Obama launched his single most-important legislative initiative: a proposed reform to the United States healthcare system. He knew that healthcare reform would be a tough sell. President Bill Clinton had tried and failed to reform healthcare in his first term.

For 50 minutes, he was masterful, making his case to the American people about why healthcare needed to be reformed, how he proposed to go about it, and how the Congress should proceed.

But in the final moment of the press conference, he lost control. Just for a moment, he lost control. He took a question from the reporter of the Chicago Sun-Times, and it was unrelated to the healthcare reform.

It was about the incident which involved a Professor who was arrested and Obama veered off the point. He said, “…the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already evidence that they were in their home…” This response cost the President his most important legislative initiative.

His offering of his opinion showed an uncharacteristic lack of discipline and it caused self-inflicted harm. It crowded the out the report of the healthcare coverage. (I will like to stop here)

What is the thrust of the story? When, there is a need for Media and Stakeholders Management Training in some organisations, some CEOs and Directors would not agree to be trained, because they assume it is an easy thing to do and also they know what to say!
It is very essential to know that “the higher one goes in an organisation, the more success is measured in winning hearts and minds rather than mastery of some technical skills.”

Get some media training today to enhance your capacity as a C-Suite executive

Have a week full of positive reputation!

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