#PRQuote: Open the Year with the Testimonials

By Olutayo Irantiola

Welcome to another exceptional year. For Nigerians, we are expectant about what the outcome of the 2023 General Elections will be. As we usually say, everyone should set targets for the year, your resolutions for the year, amongst others.

However, my charge as the year begins is that you should take some steps back and get some feedback from your clients, customers, families, friends, and employees on your performances during the outgoing year. With this, you will know their expectations and also know how to improve your service delivery or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as the case may be. However, there is a glowing part that we usually miss. It is the best way to market you- Testimonials!

A testimonial provides first-hand accounts of the quality of service. It is an effective review or recommendation from a client, letting others know how your products or services benefitted them and improved their lives. Customer testimonials can take multiple forms, but the goal is always the same: to showcase how great your brand, product, or service is. 

It acts as powerful social proof, converts prospective clients into buyers, and helps ‘on the fence’ customers gain confidence about your product or service while increasing your brand’s credibility. 

​​When choosing a product or service, people often look to reviews and testimonials to help them decide. The same goes for when we’re looking for a new service provider, like a lawyer, doctor, or accountant. 

We want to know that other people have had positive experiences with them before we make our own decision. 

It can be a valuable marketing tool that can be used on your websites, social media advertising, pamphlets, posters and other physical marketing materials, and television advertisements, amongst others.

Different testimonials will vary in length. Some are written, video or audio formats, case studies, peer reviews, influencer (authority), mashups, press reviews or documentary series.

How to Get Client Testimonials?

First and foremost: to get client testimonials, you need to have happy customers!

You must earn the praise.

After that is sorted, you can employ different techniques to get testimonials from your clients. The most important thing is to plan a testimonial request that makes the customer want to give positive feedback.

With the rate at which C-Suites Executives are busy, the tip for making client testimonials could be through an interview, or survey, amongst others.

After that, you can publish it in your website column for testimonials, landing pages, social media handles, company profiles, product pages, advertisements, sales pitches, offers, and other platforms.

Remember, the “right of publicity” makes it illegal to use someone’s name or likeness for publicity without their consent, so you must ask before publishing personal details alongside a customer testimonial. 

If this is the only thing you achieved with January is getting testimonials from your clients, you have started your Public Relations activities beautifully! 

Just like the lyrics of McFadden & Whitehead, “Ain’t no stoppin’ us now, We’re on the move”

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