#PRQuote: New Brands vs Old Brands

Today, I would be speaking on new brands and old brands, this is a direct excerpt from the book, The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR by Al Ries and Laura Ries. Herein below is what is written-

“That’s ironic. New brands should be launched with publicity, not advertising. It’s the old brands that need the advertising, which is the oxygen in their life-support systems, New brands need the credibility that only publicity can provide.

New brands need publicity. Old brands need advertising. But age is not what makes a brand old. If the brand is nowhere in the mind, then it is a ‘new’ brand as far as the prospect is concerned, even though it might have been on the market for decades.

If you are trying to change an old brand’s position, then it might just as well be a ‘new’ brand as far as marketing is concerned. Change needs a PR approach, not an advertising approach.

Advertising and PR can live together happily after, but only if each disciple accepts its legitimate role in the marketing family.

When we complement one another, we would go farther than expected.

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