#PRQuote: Lessons from Rotary

I started a series last week on the lessons taken from the e-format of the book of Bobo80 and I made it known that we are expected to develop creative ways of being in the news.

I have a ready-made example, which is Rotary. Every month in the Rotary year is for various activities and projects as the case may be. Each of these Rotary Months is as follows; July – Literacy Month; August – Membership and Extension Month; September – New Generations Month; October – Vocational Service Month; November – The Rotary Foundation Month; January – Rotary Awareness Month; February – World Understanding Month; April – Magazine Month; and June – Rotary Fellowships Month.

Asides from all these, each club is equally expected to come up with programmes that would strengthen fellowship and build the bond among the members.

We all need to develop our content calendar and have a creative communication plan so that we do not have a lull in our communication with our stakeholders. As we are looking forward to another calendar year, every C-Suite executive needs the Communications team to develop these materials for the strategy meeting for the coming year. However, they also need to be flexible to accommodate other communication development during the year.

We are available to support your brand with a creative communications plan for the coming year.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

Olutayo Irantiola writes #PRQuotes weekly

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