#PRQuote: Leading by Example

LAt the start of the new week, the President-Elect of the United States of America, Joe Biden, was given the vaccine against the dreaded Coronavirus. This is one of the easiest ways of convincing people that he is a leader who believes in certain causes and he would stay with it so that other can follow his lead.

We have seen lots of leaders who have failed to lead by example. This is various rampant in the religious circles and corporate world. I will want to cite another scenario. The Editor of a business newspaper in the country blew open some can of worms lately. He spoke about the ill practices of the Publisher of the newspaper- non-remittance of pensions, abrupt decision without consulting the management team; paying weekly bonuses his own purse amongst others.

Yes, we all have a justification that the firm was founded by the publisher but he is not showing the best example for youngsters. Unfortunately, many younger people have imbibed these traits and they will continue to do same when they start their own companies.

Leading by example is an opportunity to guide those coming behind; they would pick up the good values seen in their Bosses and carry on the great works even without a conversation. This will in turn help to make the world a greater place.

What are the things that you have done and people have made referral to the great deeds? From the Public Relations point of view, the President-Elect has done well and this will also earn him lots of media attention and accolades.

Olutayo IRANTIOLA writes #PRQuotes weekly.

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