PRQuote: Embrace All Media Platforms

It is an opportunity to come your way again today. Yes, we do not take for granted the opportunity to always chat especially in this season when the trending word is physical distance. Today, I will be discussing about media platforms and I hope you will enjoy it.

There are various ways in which we select media platforms and outlets while disparaging others. The basic reason is because of our target audiences and our assumption that some certain class of people are inclined towards certain platforms. However, if we consider a country like Nigeria with over 200 million people. Then, we have limited media platforms and the few ones reach out to various demographics of the total population.

Interestingly, when there are negative news mentions, we write rejoinders, want the news to be tweaked or, at times, brought down totally. These are all good measures to keep the reputation of the organization and they must always be part of our daily communication strategies.

What does this mean, it is a disservice to focus on just one media platform or outlet for some reasons, 1. People usually miss news items when it is restricted to just a medium. 2. It is usually for a selected few. 3. We usually need news to trend for some certain time so that it can be gain prominence and lead to discussions.

Remember, every outlet has its own audience and there is no single platform that can reach out effectively to all your stakeholders.

David Meerman Scott warned us, “Public Relations Representatives do their clients a disservice by focusing on one form of media over another.”

As you go this week, enhance your media relations skills across all platforms and outlets.

Olutayo IRANTIOLA writes #PRQuotes weekly.

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