#PRQuote: Be Authentic

“Authenticity is about imperfection.” – Simon Sinek

With the deluge of social media, there are many ways in which the new generation has lost their sense of authenticity. There are a lot of vain and vague realities all around, coupled with a series of apps that have the magic wands that aid this new world of virtual reality.

Brene Brown defines authenticity as a daily practice of letting go of who we think we are supposed to be and embracing who we are! It is one area that we struggle with. Authentic people accept their vulnerability. To step into your vulnerability shows that you are a great leader.

Being authentic is the feeling that you can trust yourself, and those around you would take you the way you choose to present yourself and you don’t have to hide aspects of yourself or compromise yourself for you to be successfully accepted in a certain space! It means how you are being seen and how your contributions are valued. If people are allowed to be authentic, they have no worry or doubt, but once they are attacked, their authenticity becomes a punishment when it does not look like the powers that be!

An authentic enterprise is the way we do business successfully. Organizations that are not authentic usually experience grave consequences. They say one thing and do the other. It is not about doing it right all the time, but they are vulnerable enough to acknowledge it when they are wrong. When this is done, people allow them to try again.

According to Arthur W. Page, “authenticity is the coin of the realm for successful companies and for those who lead them.” The Chief Executive must be able to stand his ground and not back down when he needs to make authentic decisions.

Our enterprise culture is determined by the humans in the organization and they decide the culture that they want to uphold. Leaders make a tremendous difference; the workforce looks up to them to determine how they conduct themselves; it is very difficult to have an authentic enterprise and an inauthentic leader. You need to get the C-Suite cadre right.

Let us acknowledge our diversity and support it! Allow people to thrive for who they are!

Olutayo Irantiola writes #PRQuotes weekly

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