#PRQuote: 2022- Your Reputation Matters

“An organization is the lengthened shadow of a man”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happy New Year once more. I pray that it shall be a beautiful year for us all. Amen.

I will want us to do a little assessment as the year begins and hopefully, this will help us to do things rightly for ourselves and our brands as the year proceeds.

the beginning of many organizations, the Founder would be the Marketer, Gateman, and Secretary among other roles. As time goes on, others would be engaged to carry on with the various roles. Interestingly, if there are challenges along the line, the Founder returns as the person who holds all the offices till the company rebounds or goes moribund. However, the first and subsequent impressions of people matter a lot.

The organization remains the lengthened shadow of the Founder because many times the reputation of the owner and that of the company become fussed. In the recent past, I have heard stories of people with questionable characters renowned for shady deals. This, in turn, affects how people perceive such an organization.

For this year, you need to ensure that you jealously guard your reputation because a company with a good reputation can charge premium prices, have greater access to new markets and products, have greater access to capital, profit from greater word-of-mouth endorsement, and possess an unduplicated identity.

Reputation is gained by what one does and not what one says.

Let me close today’s discussion with what Warren Buffet said, “We can afford to lose a lot of money, we cannot afford to lose even a shred of reputation.”

Once your reputation is top-notch, you are set for a profitable business in 2022.

Use strategic communications to enhance your reputations this year and always.

Olutayo Irantiola writes #PRQuotes Weekly

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