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This same belly,

Making people pity me,

From one corner to the other,

I am the talk of the town,

Iya ibeji, they say,

Eledumare knows the member,

No power will be successful on

this pregnancy,

I wish to be free soon,


Ko ro’run.

People want to increase,

Increase comes with toil,

I will toil to be called by my

child’s name.


Iya oko mi comes

Telling me taboos of their family,

Iya mi na nko

telling me the dos and don’ts,

I have never been told this?

I don’t need it then

Agba kanmi O,

Iya Aburo, e,

Ise ma ni o.

Restricting my meal,

Conditioning myself all because of you!

You will not toil like me,

You will become great in life,

Your life will not be restricted

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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  1. It must toil like you, bo fe bo ko
    If it's a woman sebi o maa ni oko
    if a boy he must toil to greatness
    It's normal o aunty Agness

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