Ache Olum,
As characteristic of this weekly writing to showcase Nigerian languages; the aforementioned greetings means, My People, Idoma language from Benue state of Nigeria. Hope the mood is right for Christmas? There is no need carrying unsettled scores into the New Year. Let’s start to make peace with everyone.
Today, we are looking at something that has to do with our finances. Many financial decisions are product of perception. As a young dude, I saw a lot of men who did not buy a car to convey their families from one place to another. They believed that after completion of a house; they can now own a car. They see a car as luxurious. They have completed their house and they now have fleets of cars.
Poverty mentality is the frugal spending of a person who believes so much in saving than in spending all he earns. In the words of financial experts, it is advised that a minimum of 10% of one’s income should be saved but according to the way in which people live their lives; a penny is hardly left after collection of their stipend because dependents have queued up before they get the money. Poverty mentality is seen in people who cut their coat according to their cloth. They do not attempt to go beyond their means.
Comfortable mentality is usually exhibited by young people who eat “beans cake” with all they earn at the onset of life. For those who believe in maximization, they get the luxurious gadgets; they compete with one another; they want to be updated; they are do not want to be told of how new experiences feel, they also want to experience it.
These mentalities are good but one must be careful not to overrun oneself in a competition that is not visible. Why do you think low-income earners achieve feats? They are wise with every kobo earned. They go one step at a time; they are not hasty in obtaining items. Many things are left till it’s comfortable to acquire.
Many times, those with poverty mentality achieve feats while those who thought comfort for immediate gratification is ideal for them. Regardless of the amount you earn, you can still make profit from it; as small as it is, some of your contemporaries have multiplied it.
Go multiply the little you have; it would later be comfortable when you deal your comfort.
Let’s hope for a beautiful year ahead filled with maximization.

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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