This is a popular greeting amongst the Kanuris’ of Borno State, North-East, Nigeria; however I do not know the meaning but the response is ‘Kelewa sele’ if you meet a black man with tribal marks that runs from the forehead to the nose and also another long one on the cheeks; you may try this greetings. That would make you appreciate the diversity of Nigeria.
Let’s proceed into today’s discussion; playing roles versus real roles. At a point in time, we have had the opportunity of watching a movie. We would definitely have known that the play series of roles in different movies with different story-lines but this does not mean that they act out these roles in real life.

Playing roles is a situation wherein you act according to the rules of the particular scenario in which you find yourself. This example cut across board; you could be a grandchild, a child, a sibling, a parent at the same time but you play these roles as the need arises. This is also similar in the workplace; there are many people who naturally do not consume the product they sell but they have the task to market these products to others.
Real roles are the things that we find ourselves doing with all pleasure. These roles cannot be taken away from the person’s heart. The person would resolve all the challenges around his innate roles. The person would carry out those tasks with dexterity. One’s flair would keep one soaring regardless of the challenge. Real roles are those things that one does not complain about. There are different talents that manifest to show one’s real roles. Many people find fulfillment in their real roles.
Either of both roles, you have to skilfully manage both and ensure that you do not give up in playing both roles. The roles you play might be your daily living while your real roles are the hobbies that you carry out with dexterity. You have to be great in both roles and ensure that one do not suffer because you cannot afford to waste the heavenly deposit in you.
Be dexterous; be a great and skillful manager!
Enjoy your week.

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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