Hello Friends,

Welcome to another great week. None of us knows what the week has for us but we sure believe that it will be goodies that will last a lifetime. My desire is that no evil sickness will come near our household. However, we also need to do things rightly. Let us not be like the proverbial, Folorunsho who climb a palm tree with the banana’s strap.
I have a story to tell you. Supo left his house for the airport unfortunately, the vehicle broke down. He made spirited effort to get to the airport and Debisi, the airline counter supervisor told him that he had missed the flight. He made a call to Sope who works in the technical unit of the airline, who in turn called, Soji. Due to the nature of Sope’s work, he could not leave his beat. Supo was told to wait for Soji at the boarding gate but Soji could not come out for close to two hours, Supo was agitated, he was on an official assignment and he had no gut to call the office to tell them the state of things.
The issue became compounded when Soji heard that he cannot go with the next flight, he kept calling Soji to no avail. Eventually, Soji called him and in his desperation, told Soji that he does not want to his the next flight, as such; he had come to the counter to pay. Soji told Supo, “You have not been patient enough”. Within 5 minutes, Soji helped him to pay for “no show” alone and he got his boarding pass to proceed on the journey. Let’s consider, “Timeliness versus Patience”.
Patience is the waiting time for the materialization of a particular desire. It does not come easily neither is it cheap. Some people wait for decades before a single dream come into reality; some never had their aspiration fulfilled. When one is waiting, one might want to cut corners. Human feelings make desire a way out of the patience zone. When one thinks he has exhausted his patience that is the closest time to the solution. Patience tries people; patience refines people and patience make people persist. I will sum it up with a Yoruba proverb, “Suuru mi o to lo n je, suuru mi papo ju” meaning, you are not patient enough makes you think you have exhausted patience.
Timeliness is the time when the problem gets resolved. Resolutions, to different problems, come at varying times. In the Christian faith, God is never late. He comes timely in all situations. There might have been situations that have tried your patience but divine intervention makes it timely. Genuine solutions come aptly. For example, a businessman would appreciate the debtor paying him when he needs to get a new stock more than the debtor paying when he has sufficient funds.
In human parlance, we measure our patience with years etc. We also should see timeliness as the appropriate time. There are many lessons that we learn when our patience is being tried. Our opinion changes when our patience is being tested and lastly, we need to know that we cannot determine some turn of life: we then must learn to wait patiently till we have the solution comes timely.
Let’s wait patiently till we have a timely resolution to all quests in life.

Enjoy your week.
(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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