Parental Indulgence vs Parental Guidance


This is the final boarding call from Kenya enroute South Africa for their indigenous colloquial greetings on Versus Series. I just said hello in Swahili language.

Hope all is going on smoothly? We all have an opportunity to make the world a better place. I implore everyone to use it properly.

Many times, people had experienced series of hardship while growing up and they do everything to ensure that their children never experience such. This includes proper home and academic training amongst others. Interestingly, many parents do not effectively separate indulgence from guidance. Let’s reason together on today’s edition of Versus Series.

Parental indulgence is a phenomenon in which parents believe their children must always have it their own way at every point in time. Unfortunately, this drives many parents into drudgery because they strive to provide for virtually everything that their children need even when they have a means of livelihood. Inversely, the children capitalize on this to make excessive and unnecessary demands thereby remaining dependent on the parents.

Parental Guidance is the skillful management of the expectations of the children in tandem with reality. This period of life teaches children how to maximize resources and work to be an independent person. The role of the parents at this stage is to motivate their children to success regardless of the challenges at hand.

Indulgence breeds insolence and this keeps the parents’ panting endlessly. Guidance on another side provides wisdom for living which guarantees rest for the parents.

Right guidance in life keeps indulgence at bay.




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