Oyo State Government Adopts ‘The Okeho Exodus’ for BECE 2023/2024

The Okeho Exodus, the historical play by Olutayo Irantiola has been adopted into the literature curriculum for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) in the state, making the first time that the play will be included in the curriculum.

The play, released in November 2022, tells the story of the 1916 regicide of Ońjò Olúkìtìbí, an incident that changed the Òkehò story drastically. The British colonial administration stepped in to restore law and order in its way. Its ultimate order was for Okeho to relocate from its nature-endowed refuge in the hills of Òkehò-Ahoro to its present site from which it had been forced to flee the Fulani and Dahomey invaders. The play is a dramatization of a significant event in Oyo history, and it will provide students with a deeper understanding of the culture and traditions of the Okeho people.

Speaking on this feat, Playwright, Olutayo Irantiola, said, “I am honoured that The Okeho Exodus has been adopted into the literature curriculum for Junior Secondary Schools Class 3 in Oyo State. This play will be a valuable resource and help students learn about their state’s rich history and culture. It will help to instill a sense of pride and appreciation for our heritage. Young people need to know about their past so that they can better understand their present and their future.”

Adopting ‘The Okeho Exodus’ into the literature curriculum is a significant step in showcasing the rich historical antecedents of the Okeho people and their interactions with the colonialists. The play is a well-written and engaging work of literature that will broaden and enrich the student’s knowledge about their cultural heritage.

The Okeho Exodus is currently available at leading Oyo State bookstores. To order, you can contact these numbers +234 806 238 2540, +234 706 202 1341 or send an email to peodaviescomms@gmail.com


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