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Despite all that is happening in Benue State, not political though, I have decided to associate with them today. I just said my people in Tiv language from North-Central, Nigeria. How it has been a great day for you? Am trying to try (one of the phrases that I learnt from my lecturers)
There are certain children that are seen tilting towards a particular skill early in life, for example Olumide Oresegun, the painter whose work went viral online recently had started drawing since the age of 4. Interestingly, his parents did not deter them from pursuing his dream while some parents want children who would be ‘learned’ professionals. Do you have an inner conviction or you need outer motivation alone as you pursue your dreams? Let’s reason together.

Outer motivation is what keeps driving people to take certain actions. Usually this is money-motivated. They change jobs often, the change industry at all times, they do not have a focus as they continue in the journey of life. They want to be everything at every time. They do not have a pattern for doing things.
Inner Conviction is the still silent voice that sounds so loud in the ears of people urging them to keep pursuing a course that seems dark to others. Many times, people do not know why they stick to a particular course of study, a particular company, a particular profession or a particular craft. Eventually, they run into fortune over the years stick out their neck in the cold!
It is good to be driven by good things; it is great to have good job but let the passion and focus be the guiding principle. I was inspired by the story of Fatai Rolling Dollar, he never left his guitar despite his misfortune after Kalakuta Republic of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti was burnt and he lost all his musical equipment.
Have an inner conviction, it might tarry but you will cross the line that others who ran after outer motivation for decades have crossed with ease and definitely get to the peak in life.
I am convinced! Let’s go on in this race without being weary.

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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