A cause for clothing,
Akin to the goitre in the tummy,
Boil on the penal gland,
The hairy armpit on the shoulders.
Political jobbers,
Displaying their greed,
Politicking is over,
Pocketicizing is the next order.

Another parable of without shoes,
A parable of without clothes,
The abundance of robes,
That guarantees just one at demise.
Criss-crossing across political offices,
Not leaving paraphernalia of previous office,
Wanting to acquire more in new office,
Tales of wanton waste and acquisition.
There is a need for a spring,
Collectively achieved the thumb spring,
Indicating that we are still relevant,
When they feel it’s their world!
Wake up masses,
Sleep not with both eyes,
Before they ferry our entire commonwealth,
Our voices must matter!

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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