One Year After- Sarah Ajeyoyin Ologbin

by Olutayo Irantiola

It is a year since my Paternal Grandma, Mama Sarah Ajeyoyin Gbogbolomo Adebola Abeje-Idu Ologbin passed on.

My Grandma hailed from Mogaji compound of Ijo, Okeho. It was formerly called Agbeda compound because her father, Aribikola, was the Elder Brother of Onjo. History has it that the Onjo was crossed with his wife and he held a sword in annoyance possibly to kill or maim her but his brother was the person who took the sword from him.

Mama was an industrious person, she learnt how to make “Garri” at Ilua. After marriage and the responsibilities at the homefront increased, she took to selling Cowskin which she procured from Kwara State and that earned her a trade name, “Iya Alawo”. As she grew older, she moved into grinding edibles for human consumption.

From the year 1999, when her husband, the business mogul, the late Baba Joseph Owolabi Irantiola Ologbin, she moved to Ibadan till his demise. Thereafter she remained there & was believed by many to be the owner of her daughter’s business, Mrs Dorcas Ayodele Alawode popularly called Ologun Ebi. People loved to buy from her than her daughter. Then, she visited Lagos frequently from her new base in Ibadan. Prior to now, she had been a part of the nurturing of many Grandchildren.

Mama was the Head of her family for about 10 years until her demise. I learnt a lesson from her life, she was willing to learn, she registered for Adult Education in both Ibadan and Lagos. She was not shy about asking her grandchildren to teach her.

With fond memories, I can remember the eulogy of my father’s lineage that she showered on us at every contact. I remember writing a poem for woman titled, “Hard Earned Names”; I remember the time when she was very ill in 2016 and I “sang” for her….. I remember her cooking pots in my Uncle’s and Aunty’s abode respectively. I remember the breakfast “Amala” from the earthenware; I remember her room in the family house with the fan-light window.

Blessed is the memory of the righteous.

Keep resting well, you have played your role.

In July 2019, Olugbenga Irantiola, her grandson, Chief Creative Officer of Guze Art World and producer of the Elders Series interviewed her and she told part of the stories that she remembered; you can watch it via this link-

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