Okeho Indigenes discover the Caves that secured their Forefathers

Drummers who accompanied people as they walk to Okeho Ahoro

It was a joyous moment for Okeho indigenes, today, who came out in their thousands to walk about 8 kilometres to Okeho Ahoro, the old site where their forefathers found fortress in the era of the Fulani and Diahomey invasions. The old site is located behind the Isale Alubo quarters of the town.

Awon alusekere

Okeho Ahoro  is located amongst the hills that protected the town from external aggression, there are a lot of protective caves where people sought refuge in case of any aggression centuries ago and none of these dreaded invasions got to the town. The centenary celebration is premised on their movement from Okeho Ahoro to the present Okeho Ile as advised by Captain Ross after the 1916 rising

Indigenes in the cave

The journey which was led by the Onjo of Okeho, HRM Oba Rafiu Osuolale Mustapha, Adeiitan II, to the old town was full of melody as traditional drummers delighted the teeming indigenes of Okeho who have come from across the globe for this auspicious celebration.

The rocky plain to Okeho Ahoro

People were shown round the caves; the various location of the old quarters and other historical relics that brings the history of the community to the fore. Some of these relics include the famous meeting place of Opara; ancestral shrines of the various deities and ancestors such as Olofin, the first occupant of Okeho that Ojo Oronna from Ilaro co-habited with upon arrival in the community.  Other relics at the Okeho Ahoro are the tombs of notable kings of the town that reigned in the location which include Oba Folarin; Oba Adeniyi amongst others.

Tomb of Oba Folarin also called Oba Pupa

The grand finale of the celebration comes up on Saturday, October 28 when the book titled, “Okeho in History” written  by the renowned Professor of Philosophy, Segun Gbadegesin, Asiwaju of Okeho will be launched in the presence of eminent Nigerians.

Gbonje Stream at Okeho Ahoro
Ijo Quarters










Kayode Awojobi reporting from Okeho

Pastor Favour Adewoyin- Photo credit


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