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It has been a while that I came this way. Thank God for keeping us till day. I hope you had a wonderful Easter celebration- the holiday afforded me the opportunity to visit different families I have not seen in recent times.  It was a fulfilling experience.

As norm, I will want to start with a little story about a retired man. The man rose to become a C-Suite Executive in his hale days. He flew first class but since he retired, he became a staunch flyer of the economy class whenever he travelled. Let’s discuss Officer vs Office.

An officer is someone paid to occupy an office because of his expertise and value addition to an organization. Many times, he is also enhanced through the office. He has opportunities to travel at the company’s expense and attend training in ivy – league institutions. An officer could win awards and gain recognition from different quarters. There are a lot of peeks associated with being a resourceful officer.

The office is the position available to any qualified person for a certain time. Time in this context could a fixed duration for those elected and till retirement for career officer. In colloquial terms in Nigeria, “soldier go, soldier come; barracks remain”. 

The use of an office could either make or mar the occupant years after. In fact, his children might partake of the good legacies, or otherwise, of their parents while in office. It is wise to make judicious use of one’s office to benefit humanity in general.

What will be said about you and I when we have relinquish our various offices. The ball is in our court, let’s play it right.

Have a blessed week.


(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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