Ojota Pedestrian Bridge
Photo credit- Punch newspaper
There are many things that people should have got accustomed to easily but Nigerians have shown preference for forceful means of getting them to change.
The pedestrian bridges, with more being constructed, have been abandoned by people who prefer to cross the main road at their own peril. Many bright dreams and future have been cut short by drunk drivers, poorly illuminated vehicles, largely before the revamp of the street lights in Lagos.
These pedestrian bridges have been turned to shopping malls by hawkers who showcase their wares for patrongae from the few people who use these bridges while another set of occupants of these bridges are beggars.
The Ministry of Transportation in Lagos have put on concerted efforts at ensuring that things are done rightly by road users, as such, barricades have been put on all the roads to discourage people from crossing the road at places where pedestrian bridges are located.
On Monday, all government apparatus was put into motion to forcefully correct the wrong attitude of people who are used to crossing the road along the ever – busy Ikorodu road. People were forced to use the bridge. The bridge was congested as pedestrians had to take turn.
People must know that they need not be forced to do the right thing. The government is doing her best at ensuring the Lagos became a mega city with diverse infrastructural development for everybody including the disabled. It is our collective responsibility to use these facilities well to our advantage.
(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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