Movie Review: Entangled Love, Medical Emergency: Review of Elevator Baby

Every son would be jealous seeing another man dating his mother even at his father’s demise, this was part of the first few scenes in the latest flick, “Elevator Baby” by Niyi Akinmolayan. The character, Damilare Williams, played by Timini Egbuson, a spoilt brat, party loving cum bad-mouthed young adult.

His relationship with his Mum, played by Shaffy Bello, was turning sour because of his hatred towards his mother’s partner, he was also on the verge of losing his girlfriend. Since, he could not get his account funded again, he wanted to get a job at all cost but in the quest, he became an emergency medic who rescued a pregnant lady, Angela, a role played by Toyin Abraham, to deliver a baby in an elevator as they got struck when electricity supply was interrupted.

Eventually, his mother’s partner, who happened to be a medical doctor, Yemi Solade, tried rushing there but was struck in the usual Lagos traffic. Dare took delivery of the baby and helped to revive him as he was already stressed. All these he learnt on the phone.

He eventually became a hero on social media, a godson to the boy who was christened after him. His relationship with his mother’s partner improved and he won back his girlfriend’s heart.

Some of the themes in the movie include, the need for Paramedical training on medical emergencies, Everyone can be valuable; untangling a tangled love affair; the survival instinct; need for employing competent hands and the challenge of unstable power supply.

Some of the characters with various cameo include Emem Ufot, Blessing Obasi, Broda Shaggi, Sambassa Nzeribe, and Ijeoma Aniebo. Some of the crew members include Akay Mason, the Director and co-produced by Victoria Akujobi.

Enjoy the thriller.

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