MEN GETTING CLOSER TO NATURE …White Space Creative Agency Recreating Space

Nature has taught men a very fundamental lesson; all students of ecosystem know that there is nothing that wastes with nature. Although, men in their wisdom assume that some materials cannot be further broken down to avoid wastage. White Space Creative Agency in the heart of Ikoyi has shown that men are not creative enough that is why different is the lifespan of different items is cut short.

The creative space recently got transformed when wood pallets were converted in different types of furniture with decorative throw pillows to complement. These wood pallets were also used to make shelves where goods are displayed for sale.

There shows that classic items do not have to be very expensive but you need to be creative enough to design your space as you desire. Equally, ‘waste’ can be looked into and turned into wealth!

These pictures speak loudly!

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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