May Day

May day of few,
Labour has flew,
From the heart of many.
Labourious slavery of our days,
Slavery inbound by folks,
Slavery outbound by Chinese and co,
Slavery out there even in their nations,
Second class everywhere.
Trade names does not matter,
They strive for their pockets than for others,
The assumed defenders are against the defenseless,
They sow discord and wickedness,
They close their eyes to their travail,
Making wealth of the sweat of many,
Tax authority fatter,
Tax payer slimmer.
Such a day when dignity of labour is eschewed,
When essential workers keep being laboured,
The boss chauffeur working,
The boss maid milling,
And a few march against will.
People get sacked on that day,
People are tricked with over time,
Where is the right of labourers?
May Day in May,
Endless annual promises about wages,
Dichotomy of labourers with same degree,
Contracts that benefit,
Contracts to survival,
Is May Day fair?
Is May Day farce?
Is May Day a fact?

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria

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