E n le o,

This means, hello there. Yes, I am delighted to welcome you to another week. May it be a new week that would propel us to greater heights. Our discussion today is peculiar to Nigeria and some African countries. If you are a Nigerian, please do not get offended but see it as a call to re-orienting ourselves. It is quite easy to say that we are not whites but we need to know that behaving in a globally accepted way should be a target for us.

If you are walk down the streets of Lagos, Nigeria, you can find people urinating anywhere despite the attempt made by government to stop this act. Pedestrians would prefer to cross the road than using the pedestrian bridge. Drivers driving against traffic, drivers also ignoring the traffic light among others. One needs to stop and ponder if people want to do things in the ethical way. In the same light, one keeps hearing of political office holders who are guilty of financial impropriety and they are community leaders. The simple thing that comes to mind is, are they not ashamed of these doings?

Mass Impunity are the various acts by people that makes them look crude to people of other races but entrenched in our daily lives. There are many Nigerians serving jail terms out of this country because of these impunities that cannot be tolerated by other nations.  There is no difference between the educated and the uneducated when it comes to these wrong deeds. These conduct are being done by foreigners resident in Nigeria in more grievous ways than Nigerians. Unfortunately, they go Scot-free!

Political impunity is manifested in the greed of the political class. They keep embezzling to secure their future in other nations of the earth. They do all of these without a re-think of what would happen from the populace. It has got to a point where it is obvious that the political class keeps getting richer while the electorates keep getting poorer. I believe, it is impunity to ascribe what was done with tax-payers fund to yourself as the governor! Political impunity even protects political office holders from being prosecuted when in office. What would deter others from being involved in these actions?

I would discourage you from being a part of these impunities. What is the gain of doing things against norms? What is the gain of accumulating wealth that you do not know how it would be squandered after your acquisition? What is the benefit of not making the world a better place for others to live in? What is the value of being the only rich person among your peers and family?

Let’s pass the right values unto the next generation and learn to live as global citizens.

Have a great week.

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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