Light in the Dark the movie: Do you have a true friend?

by Olutayo Irantiola

The quest for true friendship is evident in everyone; some who is believed to be a confidant; loyal; a person that would not backstab or backbite and that wants the best for one. These are the cruxes of the flick that is currently in the cinemas.

The movie centered on an intertribal marriage between Jumoke and Emeka. The marriage which was delicately balanced in Lagos far from Enugu, where Emeka’s Mum resided. Based on Emeka’s support and unflinching commitment to his wife, his Mum had no choice but to accept the marriage until the point when there was second infertility when she could not conceive another child, this was explained by the doctor to hormonal imbalance.

The altruistic couple was dealing with their neighbours- Amina and Sodiq- with a plain heart until Jumoke was raped by robbers. Amina showed concern about the family after the rape but her questions, further caused issues between the couple as the wife felt she was not protected by her husband during the gory incident. She moved out to her mother’s house, this almost gave room for Ifeoma’s return, Emeka estranged girlfriend.

Unfortunately, the police force could not pin down the suspects as they had registered guns. The persistence of the Inspector in charge of the case helped to nail the culprits. One of the dreams of all Nigerians portrayed in the flick, is that Inspector General does not tolerate the violation of human rights. Equally, if policemen are zealous enough, people will no more suffer in silence, even those who are brave to speak out.

The dark side of the move is that the Jumoke got pregnant, the family was not sure if it was conception via the rape or of Emeka. In it all, the family wanted to know the DNA of the child but they eventually decided against it, they kept the baby saying ‘parenting is in the nurturing of the child and not in the conception’.

Other sub-themes in the flick include the management of intertribal marriages; cultural misconceptions; the mother and daughter-in-law rivalry; the unflinching support of a husband. Others include the pain police go through to unravel crime; emotional pains in relationship and forgiveness; individual interpretation and misinterpretation of lifestyle.

The movie set in Enugu and Lagos, had an assemblage of A-list actors from Joke Silva, Rita Dominic; Saheed Balogun; Kalu Ikeagwu; Nonso Odogwu; Kiki Omeili; Ngozi Nwosu will definitely help couples to manage one another; teach openness, forgiveness amongst others. It’s a brilliant movie which should be seen by intending and married couples. You need to see the movie still showing at the cinema closest to you!

Enjoy the short thriller to the movie-

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